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Wish your pet was well-behaved?

Do you have a dog who jumps up at people or destroys the house when you're out? Is he frightened of something or does he pull on the lead? Or maybe you want to train your puppy or dog so he's calm and obedient?

Pets in Mind can help. I offer training classes and one-to-one training for dogs and puppies, and behaviour consultations for dogs. Working throughout Shropshire and the surrounding areas, I'm a qualified, experienced animal behaviourist and take a positive, reward-based approach.

My training methods are kind, fair and effective and use scientifically proven techniques based on how animals learn. Unfortunately, not all dog trainers and pet behaviourists are properly qualified, which can result in them doing more harm than good.

Drawing on my in-depth knowledge of companion animal behaviour, I'll help you understand your pet better and show you how to change their behaviour. Not only will you have a pet that's a pleasure to own, you'll have a much stronger bond with him or her. Training your pet or changing their problematic behaviour takes time, patience and understanding, but I'll help you through to create results that last.

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